14.06.2015 Install

A simple Gwent card viewer for Android

Drwent is a simple Android app that helps you view and track all the Gwent cards from The Witcher 3. It also shows each card image, ability, location and related quest.

It’s free with no ads, you can download it from Google Play. I made it mostly for learning reasons when I was in the middle of my first playthrough of TW3 looking for cards. I wanted a list-type companion app so I could see which cards I was missing and where to get them.

I used a SQLite database for storing all the artwork, better than a web service in this case, since the data is not going to be frequently updated.

Updated! Now with Hearts of Stone new cards!

With Drwent you can:

  • Check your collection
  • View each cards
  • Track each location
  • Learn the abilities
  • Know if it’s from a quest
  • Know if it’s from a DLC

I have permission from CD PROJEKT RED to use The Witcher 3 Gwent artwork.